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Customer-centric brands report profits that are 60 percent higher than those that fail to focus on CX.

Client-Driven Consulting & Growth

Kiesha King-Brown is Chief Engagement Officer at Loyalty Centric. Kiesha has 20+ years of Fortune 200 Sr. leadership experience and an Executive Coaching Certification.

She has coached diverse clients, from executives to startup founders. Kiesha creates winning customer strategies, turning struggling locations into consistent 100%+ sales achievers. During a market recession, she helped a $60M business achieve positive growth.

Kiesha has initiated client focus groups to drive informed strategies, boosting client experience scores, retention, and double-digit sales growth.

Gap Inc.'s CEO leveraged Kiesha’s expertise to help create, test and rollout their loyalty program. As a SaaS startup COO, she spent time on strategic collaborations, SOP creation and leadership development.

Tech-savvy and strategic, Kiesha leverages both strategy and technology for business success and help others to do the same.

Let's collaborate to elevate client experiences, retention, and your path to success.

Fierce Loyalty. 🔥 Results.

Create Friendly Competition with a Loyalty Leaderboard and Get Referrals on Autopilot

Engage with Gamification

Add Your Logo to the Spin-A-Wheel

Personalize Insight Surveys for More Loyalty and Better Strategy

Customers see a 23-28% increase in annual revenue with our system.

Experience That Empowers the Growth of Your Brand

  • Increase engagement, referrals & repeat revenue across the customer journey

  • Point donation to charity

  • Personalized Referral Links and referral revenue tracking

  • Loyalty Leaderboard

  • Spin-a-Wheel for giveaways

  • Personalized Insight Surveys

  • Segmentation for personalization

  • Automated email/SMS marketing

  • Automated Rewards-300+ Gift Cards

  • Built in Templates

  • Data-Driven with 20+ KPIs

  • Tangible Revenue Growth from a Customer Lens

  • Experience, Engagement & Retention

  • Customer Insight Strategy

  • Customer Journey Assessment & Map

  • Competitor Analysis

  • Engagement to Revenue Analysis

  • Customer Retention Blueprint

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