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Kiesha King-Brown is Chief Engagement Officer at Loyalty Centric. Kiesha has 20+ years of Fortune 200 Sr. leadership experience and an Executive Coaching Certification.

She has coached clients, from executives to startup founders. Kiesha creates winning customer strategies, turning struggling locations into consistent 100%+ sales achievers. During a market recession, she helped a $60M business achieve positive growth.

Kiesha has initiated client focus groups to drive informed strategies, boosting client experience scores, retention, and double-digit sales growth.

Gap Inc.'s CEO leveraged Kiesha’s expertise to help create, test and rollout their loyalty program. As a SaaS startup COO, she spent time on strategic collaborations, SOP creation and leadership development.

Tech-savvy and strategic, Kiesha leverages both strategy and technology for business success and helps others do the same.

Let's collaborate to elevate client experiences, retention, and your path to future-proof success.

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July 27, 20233 min read

Loyalty is such a rare quality; but my fans are the most loyal in the world. - Michael Jackson


Michael Jackson had, and still has, some of the most loyal fans of a celebrity inside or outside the music industry.   His fanbase is still going strong and continues to celebrate him in big occasion on his birthdays.  

Matter of fact Michael’s fanbase is still growing even though he ‘left the stage’ in 2009.  

Folded $20 Bills and Michael Jackson Quote

Jackson intended for his music to be enjoyed even after he was gone.   His social media profile has hundreds of millions of followers combined. His YouTube channel boasts 21 million followers.  

His fans go by several names: Moonwalkers, the MJ Fam, soldiers of love.  

When Jackson faced controversy and his appearance and persona was mocked by the media every time you turned the tv on, his fans reassured him of his beauty and of their unwavering love.  

Michael Jackson was well-known for his smooth dance moves in addition to his singing.  

He was just as known for his ability to connect to his fans.   His relationship with them wasn’t just an idol-follower relationship.   It was a fellowship.   Michael knew many fans by name and even engaged with them on a one-on-one basis. He also introduced fans to his children.   When he travelled the world and many hung around his hotels, he would give them autographs, pillows and blankets at night and even order them pizza.    

Michael Jackson loved his fans in an unimaginable way. He was taught by his father at a very young age that they mean everything in terms of success and that it was of the utmost importance to respect them and never forget them.  

Are you known for more than your ‘smooth moves’ when it comes to experience in your business, your products, and the services?  

How would your customers and business owners describe their loyalty to your brand?  

Your brand should have a relationship with clients and customers that feels like a connection beyond the transaction like Michael had relationships beyond the concert and the stage.   You should understand your customers beyond their transaction, their demographics and the revenue they contribute to your business.   There should be a relationship with both customers and business partners that makes them consistently feel appreciated and turns them into brand fans.  

Rewarding your customers AND your business partners for their contribution and their continued relationship with your brand builds Michael Jackson type fans and helps you keep them engaged with you for life as well.   Imagine if Michael Jackson had put building fan loyalty on the back burner or didn’t have a strategy or consistent routine to continue to grow it?   How many less Moonwalkers would there be?   Would he still have a growing fan base even after he still had the ability to breathe life into his brand?   The time is now…leverage loyalty for a long-term fan base and more “Jacksons” consistently added to your revenue.      



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Kiesha King

Kiesha King (King-Brown) is founder and Chief Engagement Officer of Loyalty Centric.

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